jarrah-site.-on-somme-creek.jpg blackbutt-site-on-somme-creek.jpg jarrah-site.-on-somme-creek.jpg

These are the three sites for the Bridgetown public art commission. The next project....... BUT first there has to be the big clean up!!

The past 18 months or so have been flat out in the studio, with projects colliding and overlapping, so much so that I can't find anything anymore! I have had to change the layout of the studio to build big works as well as small works, plastic as well as steel. These were not really compatible materials in any way so the result is a big mess to try to sort out! This week has been rearranging, reorganizing and throwing away. Timely because in riping up old now destroyed floor covering I found a trail of white ants! Not what I was looking for I can assure you.

It feels good, so good to get rid of 'stuff' that was of use (when??? I can't remember) and dried paint tubes, mediums etc.paper and photo copies of long gone project research. We have a good trailer load for the tip at the weekend.

The Bridgetown Public Art Commission is the next big thing for me. Getting my head back into problem solving like protection of steel against corrosion etc has been a priority. Thanks to Alex Mickle and Simon Gilby I think I now have a good argument to put to the design group in favour of not hot dipping the works! I would rather slit my throat than do the Galvanizing to be frank.

None of this is makes exciting reading but I am making the commitment to writing a weekly blog. So thank goodness for cool weather to do my big clean up. Don't you just love autumn!