Two days on from de-install and what am I thinking?

1. Will I ever do SxS again?

2. Will I ever crochet plastic bags again?

3. What was the best part of SxS?

Answer to point 1: Probably as I am thinking really hard about the deadlines for Ahaus and Bondi!! Unfortunately the well is empty, temporary state I hope!

Answer to point 2: After Castaways on Rockingham Beach in May, probably never!

Answer to point 3: The children's workshops were a breath of fresh air after all the troubles and tribulations of getting the work to Cottesloe in a truck that was in the end too small for the work. (Even though I had rung Avis to check the inside measurements and been given the wrong information)

The kids had a joyous and spontaneous response to my work and made their own spectacular sculptures commenting on plastic in the ocean.

Highlights: The little girl who asked 'how old were you when you started this' or the little boy twirling around and around inside the house saying 'It's just like magic in here' or the spokesperson for one of the groups who when explaining the process of her group said, 'This is our octopus house and we have made many octopus to decorate the house. You might like to note I have 'accessorised' the octopus.' We looked and saw tiny bows on each of the octopus heads!

If I do SxS again then I would certainly look forward to taking part in the Chidren's workshops. My regret is that I had no time/opportunity to take photos of the children's work.