2012 | Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe

Nest: (transitive)

This site specific work uses symbols of Ladder 1 and Nest 2 to discuss the Cottesloe invasion of Rainbow Lorikeets and the displacement of local bird species, in particular the Purple Crowned Lorikeet. The Rainbow Lorikeet has through its superiority risen through the hierarchy of bird species to sit on top of the ladder. It has a very large flight area, 50 square kms daily, a voracious feeder and occupies tree/nest hollows displacing many other species.

1 Ladder is defined as a series of Hierarchical levels on which somebody moves up down in a society. It is also a list of contestants in an ongoing sports or games competition, arranged according to ability, a system that has different levels through which you can progress, and a list of the names of all the players in a sports competition in order, with the best player at the top.

2 Nest is defined as: a structure that birds and other animals such as mice build to shelter themselves and their young, using available natural materials such as grass, twigs, and mud

Nest: (transitive) to organize information so one part is contained inside another.