2012 | Marsh Art

Wow the magnificent Derby marsh. What an experience it has been!

After the huge and destructive blow we had here in Capel before I left for Derby, it came as a big surprise that Derby never has cyclones because of the influence of King Sound, such a huge body of sheltered water. So I decided to make my concept the 'small blows' in Derby - Willy willies and Cock eyed bobs. I used straw and grated fire lighter wrapped in hessian, bound with wire onto a steel armature. We also doused in Kero and the piece burnt for a long 10 minutes full bore and then a great slowing down to nothing.

Also presented workshops with the local mothers group and playgroup. Glow in the dark hands and feet which certainly did glow and was a huge success with the mothers - they came up with the idea - I just presented the paint and cardboard. I also worked with them to make tie wire armature and gladwrap 'shoes' which were lit with tea candles to represent community engagement with the Marsh. Unfortunately the event evening was the windiest we had experienced for the entire 3 weeks and it was hard to keep the candles alight. FESA had the last say as to whether the 'burnings' would go ahead it was so windy!