2012 | Aurum

Mundaring Art Centre

Helen Seiver's work translates the landscape of the Northern Goldfields of Western Australia as both physical and subjective space. Recent journeys to areas of historic gold mining settlements, now existing as no more than shards and scraps of lives once lived in the harshest of environments, gives a broader context in which to locate the simplest of history, that of the every day and in particular daily life of women. The work employs symbols such as 'home' to bring focus to the ideas underpinning the role/absence of women in West Australian history. Seiver has a fundamental belief in the strength and power of women that is and has been drawn from the everyday, domestic experience. She seeks a process to make sense of past, present and future roles and expectations of women in contemporary Australian society.

This body of work is also a private exploration of how to fit individual place and space into the shared histories of Australia.