2017 | The Spaces Between Us - Adding absence

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how to find 55 voices

If the final form of death is when no one speaks your name, what then if you never had a name (or a voice)? How then are you remembered? This question positions my purpose: it is the driving force to find the voices of and bear witness to the fifty-five new-born babies.

My work discusses the substance, the matter, the complications, the weight, that which has bearing and is relevant to finding voice.

The fifty-five bonnets are each describing and are made from the significant substances of culture, religion, politics, gender, geography and economics of the era and of the place, a new colony. These materials of substance include historical text, noted wrappings and fabrics, natural elements describing culture and geography and found objects of time and place.

They stand tall, each swaying under the weight of opinion, while wearing and revealing the grief with their hollow spaces. We the observers are the watchers, evincing the fall from grace while authenticating the loss: giving voice to the absent and beholding the discarded