2009-2017 | Gross Domestic Product

Bunbury Biennale 2017

Artist talk.

This work reminds us to look closely at things we have taken for granted and things we have forgotten to see. It is a work of fragments. I see them as fragments of our shared histories. Linoleum fragments, of floors walked over, taken for granted and not really seen.

The installation is a narrative. The worn marks and the spilt paint tell stories. Fragments of lives now held together with lines of thread, perhaps read as text, invisible text like the many domestic tasks undertaken each day, taken for granted and then forgotten. The repetitive process of collecting the many and varied Lino fragments and the sewing together is perhaps a reflection of those small tasks, performed each day then, left unnoticed.

The work can also be seen as a review of social, and cultural values of the changing nature, shape and structure of female roles and identity. It also attempts to find processes which investigate and explore these issues from a female perspective.

G.D.P.? Mixed media 2014

Reflecting the essential part women have played in determining the nature, shape and structure of contemporary female role and identity, this work functions as a review of cultural values: What is the real value of Gross Domestic Product? When you tease apart the words, domestic chores, silent endeavours? By using reclaimed household floor covering, held together with a painstaking stitch, I am seeking to look closely at things we take for granted and have forgotten to see, of daily ongoing rituals that give meaning but in themselves become meaningless.