2013 | Strangers in my Palace

I have a fundamental belief in the strength and power of women that is and has been drawn from the everyday, civil and domestic experience. The development and substance of this work is informed by the five generations of resilient West Australian women who have preceded me. Although Strangers in my Palace as a body of work it is in essence private and intensely personal, however at its core it is a story familiar to many women.

Using found objects, all chosen as signifiers of place and era, the work embraces themes of inherence (to be a natural and integral part of something) and cultural inheritance. The various installations give opportunity to observe and consider the notions being discussed: those of home, repetitive daily rituals, unacknowledged skill, equality/inequality, memory and loss.

While primarily seeking to make sense of and broaden an understanding of my role as a contemporary female, the work also reflects the essential part women have played in determining the nature, shape and structure of female roles and identity. It endeavours to find processes with which to explore these social and cultural issues and from a female perspective.